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We're a friendly club with around 30 regular players competing in the Hereford, Wyedean and Gloucester leagues. Players who just want to play socially are also very welcome. We train on Monday and Friday evenings from 7 - 10pm at John Kyrle High School on the edge of Ross-on-Wye.


Thurs 29th        MENS 1           Away   Gloucester Mens 1     
Friday 14th       MENS 2           Home  Allseasons Mens  (postponed)
Monday 17th   B                         Away   Five Acres B               
Thurs 20th        MENS 2          Away   Stonehouse Mens   
Friday 21st       B                       Home  Cinderford A  
Wed 26th         MENS 1              Away   Struttles Mens           
Friday 28th       A                      Home  Broadlands A          
September 24th, 2016

Just in case you haven’t heard, David and Audrey have produced a ladies doubles pair for the future – Clara Jade and Emily Rose, born on the 26th July and weighing in at 3lb 13ozs and 3lb 1oz respectively. Everyone is doing well – particularly the proud grandparents, Julie and Andy !!!!




August 31st, 2016


A reminder that Summer Badminton ends next week, 22nd August. There will be no play on Monday 29th August (Bank Holiday).
 And then the new season starts on Monday 5th September – back to Mondays and Fridays as usual. The tournament and last night of 2016 will be on Monday 12th December, and then we shall start back in 2017 on Friday 6th January.

 Easter break will be on Friday 14th April and Monday 17th April, and then the end of season tournament and last night will be on Friday 21st April.

Ah well – that’s another season sorted !



August 18th, 2016


Andy produced another great handicapped tournament for the club on the last night of the 2015/2016 season.  This was the second Hamilton Handicap – which was named in honour of Andy Hamilton, who died very suddenly just over two years ago.  A total of 20 people entered which meant that everyone played 10 games each, which was a total of 100 games played. It was possible to attain a maximum score of 210 points if you won every single game.

The results were :-

Group 1 – Mens 
1st Sam 200 points
2nd Dan 199 points
3rd Jack 196 points
4th James S 193 points
5th Kieron 192 points

Group 2 – Ladies and Juniors 
1st James C 200 points
2nd Penny 197 points
3rd James F 192 points
4th Oscar 191 points
5th Elizabeth 190 points


May 11th, 2016


As you all know, the last night of the season and end of season tournament will be held on Monday 18th April. There is an entry form at club so that you may enter the tournament. If you will not be at club for the next couple of weeks and wish to enter, then let either Andy (andylerigo1954@gmail.com) or me know.  A word of two of warning, when Andy produced the entry form, he added a rider – this is not exact, but I think you will understand what he is trying to say :
“The referee’s decision is final (Andy is the referee!!). Any attempt to bribe the referee without cash or alcohol will result in dismissal from the competition. No alchemy or witchcraft to be used during the competition. If you enter then pull out at the last minute or fail to turn up, a fine of £100,000 (approximately) and a plague of locusts will descend on your home. If locusts are not available, pestilence and/or famine may be substituted”.   Clearly Andy was in a better mood than usual when he produced the form !!
Summer badminton will start towards the end of June, and I will let you have the date as soon as this is confirmed.
The Herefordshire AGM is being held in Tenbury on the 14th May starting at 7.15. This will be followed by a Quiz at a cost of £3.00 a team, maximum 4 in a team). If anyone would like to go, then please let me know and I will inform the organisers.
April 7th, 2016

Andy L organised yet another excellent tournament for us just before Christmas – and clearly his handicapping was very good – and although modesty almost forbids me from giving you the results …..
The tournament was in two sections – Mens and then  a section of Ladies with some men included to make the sections equal – so a sort of Mixed Section.
The winner of the Mens came down to the last game and was Jack on 186 points, with David a really close second with 185 points.
The winner of the second section was also dependent upon the last game,  and yes, it was Penny on 181 points with Andy Knight in second place on 171 points.
Thanks to all who entered – the next one will be at the end of the season in April – dates for the remainder of the season to be confirmed in due course.
January 11th, 2016

‘Congratulations’ – it is that Eurovision time of year again, when Cliff first sang this song – apparently it was going to be called ‘I Think I Love you’ which doesn’t have quite the same ring about it does it ?  But I digress (as usual!).

We have some congratulations to send of our own – first of all Lee and Katie had an 8lb 6oz baby on the 1st May called Grace, and second David and Audrey are getting married at the beginning of June – and we send our congratulations and love to all of them.





May 23rd, 2015


Those of you who were at badminton on Monday, will know that the floor was in a very strange state when we arrived (understatement!).  I left a message for the caretaker, and he came back to me yesterday.  Because it was half term, he had arranged for the hall to be unlocked for us, but there was clearly no need for anyone to go inside.

Apparently what had happened was that someone had got into the hall over the weekend and extinguished (!) the dry fire extinguisher, and then even hung the empty extinguisher back up again so that it wasn’t obvious to anyone who might have checked.   So far as the water everywhere is concerned, that is yet another mystery to be solved.

 Bryan says that he is on the trail of the perpetrators, and if he finds out who they are not only will they have an £80 fee for the cost of refilling the extinguisher, but also a bill for the hours he had to put in cleaning the hall !

 Anyway, clearly just one of those things, but apologies anyway to all.


February 19th, 2015

……………….. and to end 2014 

Andy organised a very good Christmas Tournament to end the season.  His handicapping must have been pretty good because there were around 60 points between all the men and 49 between the top and bottom ladies.

The mens was really close with Kieron winning on 187, Lee second on 186 and then Sam on 182, closely followed by Will on 181.  Elin won the ladies with 185 points, Hayley was second with 181 and Penny third on 176.

I think we are all agreed that Andy can keep the job !

That’s it for 2014 – Happy New Year to everyone – see you in 2015.


December 26th, 2014

A reminder to you all that the Christmas Tournament and last night for 2014 will be on Monday 15th December.  There is a form available at club for you to complete if you wish to play in the tournament.

The first night back in 2015 will be on Monday, 5th January.


December 2nd, 2014