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We're a friendly club with about 40 regular players competing in the Hereford, Wyedean and Gloucester leagues. We train on Monday and Friday evenings from 7 - 10pm at John Kyrle High School on the edge of Ross-on-Wye.


Those of you who were at badminton on Monday, will know that the floor was in a very strange state when we arrived (understatement!).  I left a message for the caretaker, and he came back to me yesterday.  Because it was half term, he had arranged for the hall to be unlocked for us, but there was clearly no need for anyone to go inside.

Apparently what had happened was that someone had got into the hall over the weekend and extinguished (!) the dry fire extinguisher, and then even hung the empty extinguisher back up again so that it wasn’t obvious to anyone who might have checked.   So far as the water everywhere is concerned, that is yet another mystery to be solved.

 Bryan says that he is on the trail of the perpetrators, and if he finds out who they are not only will they have an £80 fee for the cost of refilling the extinguisher, but also a bill for the hours he had to put in cleaning the hall !

 Anyway, clearly just one of those things, but apologies anyway to all.


February 19th, 2015

Birthdays – a belated Happy Birthday to Ali who was 21 recently, and a Happy Birthday to Rhiannon, who is 17 today.

February 19th, 2015

Wyedean – Division 1 – Ross A v St Whites A

Disappointing …………… Jess reports that the match last Monday against St Whites was a tough match, and probably the decider for the League One  title.

 David and Euan lost their mens in three games, but Jess and Elin won their Ladies 21-13, 21-7.  David and Elin then won their first mixed match 23-21, 21-16, but Euan and Jess struggled in their first mixed match and lost 10-21, 15-21.

David and Elin took their second mixed match to 3,  finally winning 15-21, 21-19 21-14, whilst Euan and Jess had a real battle in their second mixed game. They lost 20-22 in the first but came back from 15-20 in the second to win 22-20. The final game was similar, Euan and Jess found themselves chasing points. This time it was 14-20. Jess and Euan eventually lost 19-21. A very tense game of 11 game/match points. (Moral of the story…NEVER GIVE UP!)

The final outcome of the match was a draw –  Ross 3 – St Whites 3.


February 12th, 2015

Wyedean – Ross A v Broadlands B

Ross played Broadlands B on Friday 23rd January. Everyone played really well and not a single match went to three games, a first for the season.

David and Euan won their mens match 21-15 21-12.  Jess and Elin won their ladies match 21-11, 21-17.

Euan and Jess won their first mixed match without going into double figures, 21-9 21-8. Their second match tested them a bit more but they won 21-19, 21-11.    David and Elin won both their matches. Their scores were consistently low winning 21-13, 21-8 and 21-7, 21-14. 

The next match is on 9th February against St Whites at Home. This is a very important match with Ross and St Whites fighting for the top spot. Ross lost Away against St Whites 4-2  before Christmas,  so Ross will be trying very hard to reverse the score.


January 28th, 2015

Wyedean – Ross C v Lydney

Ross C was a new team this year, and last night was only their fifth match playing together as a team – their first match was a 6-0 loss, but it is lovely to be able to report that their fifth match was a 5-1 win, so many congratulations to Hayley, Janet, Jack and Mike. See how their position in the league has improved.

Hayley says  ‘The match we played last night was a great result winning 5-1 overall.   Our first win! There were some very close games too.  I felt we all played incredibly well especially Jack as he wasn’t feeling 100%’.


January 24th, 2015

Ross A v Broadlands A – Wyedean

Jess reports that Ross played Broadland A on Friday.  Lee and Euan made the mens look easy, winning their first game comfortably, 21-10, 21-6.

Jess and Julie started their ladies match well and won the first game 21-16. However they lost the 14-21. The final game was very close but they lost 22-24.

In the mixed Lee and Julie played their first match and had some strongly fought matches. They struggled in the first game, losing 19-21. However they brought it back in the next two games, winning the match 21-11 21-17.  Lee and Julie’s second match was won in two games 21-15, 21-13.

Euan and Jess managed to win their mixed matches 21-16 21-13 in the first and 21-17 21-9 in the second. 

The final score was a 5-1 win for Ross.


January 23rd, 2015

Wyedean – Five Acres C v Ross C    

Hayley reports that although Ross lost -5, the score doesn’t really reflect how Ross played.  She and Janet won their ladies, which was a very close game,  22-20, 8-21, 21-18. A lot of the mixed matches went to 3 set games.  The team all played very well, and considering they lost 0-6 at home, she felt overall this was a reasonable result, with the team continuing to improve and playing together well as a team now.


January 14th, 2015

A good way to start the New Year –  Happy 18th Birthday yesterday to Kieron – I think he said something about the drinks were on him, but I could have misheard !!

January 6th, 2015

2015  – welcome back and to the second half of the season -

January Fixtures

Friday 9th Mxd B Home Lydney B 7.00 John Kyrle High School (from 31/10)
Monday 12th Mxd C Away Five Acres C 7.00 Five Acres Sports Centre, Berry Hill, Coleford, Glos GL16 7JT
Friday 16th Mxd A Home Broadlands A 7.00 John Kyrle High School
Friday 23rd Mxd A Home Broadlands B 7.00 John Kyrle High School
Friday 23rd Mxd C Home Lydney B 7.00 John Kyrle High School
Friday 30th Mxd A Home St Whites A 7.00 John Kyrle High School – (postponed to Monday 9th February)

January 5th, 2015

……………….. and to end 2014 

Andy organised a very good Christmas Tournament to end the season.  His handicapping must have been pretty good because there were around 60 points between all the men and 49 between the top and bottom ladies.

The mens was really close with Kieron winning on 187, Lee second on 186 and then Sam on 182, closely followed by Will on 181.  Elin won the ladies with 185 points, Hayley was second with 181 and Penny third on 176.

I think we are all agreed that Andy can keep the job !

That’s it for 2014 – Happy New Year to everyone – see you in 2015.


December 26th, 2014